Terms and conditions

Please carefully review the terms and conditions of the service offered by LTD "Online Tickets" (hereinafter TKT.GE) to buy tickets for various entertainment / cultural / sports etc. types national and international events. As a promoter TKT.GE offers tickets of any event for realization, according to the wish / order of the event organizer.

Before registering on the website and purchasing tickets, you agree to the terms and conditions of the present service. TKT.GE reserves the right to unilaterally modify the service conditions that will be automatically placed on the web portal of the company. We urge you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the offered service during registration and before purchasing the ticket.

Take into an account, that the following terms and conditions may be renewed at any time on the basis of technical changes. The listed terms and conditions apply only to the tickets realized by online tickets.

Before the TKT.GE tickets are placed for realization, service agreement/contract is signed between LTD “Online Tickets” and organizer, that agrees to the service offered by TKT.GE.

Online Tickets is a company, that allows anyone/user to purchase tickets/subscriptions through website or mobile application for 24 hours a day for cultural, entertaining or sports events planned by various organizers.

Organizer is a natural person or a legal entity that by its desire uses the online tickets service (website, pay desk and mobile application) for the realization of event tickets.

Customer is a natural person, who purchases the tickets of the event planned by the organizer, considers the benefits of the offer or uses the offer through website, pay desk or mobile application. The customer is obliged to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the website carefully before purchasing the ticket, which will be active even after the purchase.

Special Conditions
In order to use TKT.GE website, the age of the customer shall be up to or shall exceed 18 years or he/she shall have the consent of a legal representative. The customer is responsible for any action that is performed on the website with the username of the customer.
The customer is responsible for the safe keeping of his/her own registration data, as well as the information placed on the website by him/her.
Data Processing
TKT.GE processes the personal data of the customer to the extent that is necessary to provide a service to customers. Additionally, the use of the offer (purchase or attempt to purchase) by the customer represents his/her additional consent to process the personal data. TKT.GE reserves the right to process the customer’s data for a direct marketing purposes within the law, and the customer has a right to request the discontinuance of use of the data about him/her for the direct marketing purposes at any time. TKT.GE reserves the right, and the customer agrees for his/her personal data to be transferred to the event organizer for the purpose of providing services to the customer.

Refusal to the Guarantees
TKT.GE is not responsible for the action of the third parties (including organizer), for the information placed on their websites even if a link is placed on the website of the third parties, which redirects to TKT.GE website.

TKT.GE does not guarantee the uninterrupted function of the website, therefore, it will not/cannot bear the responsibility if the website or any of its services becomes partially or totally inaccessibility, and the technical issues were reported etc. within a certain period of time.

TKT.GE is not responsible for networks, systems, servers, providers, equipment, services technical or program malfunction, on the faults of transmission lines; Termination or delay in the process of data processing / transfer; Destruction of the customer’s materials, theft, unauthorized access.

TKT.GE will not be responsible for damage of the user's or other person's devices (computer, tablet, mobile and other) if the aforementioned was caused by using the web page or by using the link/connection placed on the web page, or as a result of downloading any type of information and/or program.

TKT.GE reserves the right to reject or cancel the requirements/transactions of the customers with whom the company has a legal dispute; Who previously has breached the company terms and conditions; Who is suspected in any kind of fraudulent activity; including the credit card payment frauds; Who provide and use the false or incomplete identification data of the credit cards, etc.

Registration on the web page is free. Using incorrect or fictitious personal data during registration is strictly prohibited. In this case, the company cannot be responsible to send the purchased tickets to the real addressee.

The personal information of the user is confidential and is not public. By registering the user can find any information according to his/her account:
- Check the status of payments made by the user
- Check the purchase history of the tickets
- If willing, the user can edit the personal information at any time
- The user can change the password if willing
- Optionally can enable or disable messages on new events
- Use any new feature which our web page will periodically offer to our active users.

TKT.GE does not have access to the details of the credit cards used on the web page (card number, card validity, card security code, etc.).

Event cancellation, postponement, amendment
TKT.GE is only a intermediary which sells the event tickets in accordance with the order made by the event organizators. Accordingly, TKT.GE will not be responsible for the cancellation, postponement, amendment (venue, program, etc.) of the event. The customer shall be entitled to put in a request to the organizer of the event. Nevertheless, TKT.GE will try to help customers to contact the event organizer and solve various issues of concern.

In case the organizator refunds the money for canceled or postponed event tickets through our company, the customer is refunded with only the ticket cost, excluding the service fee, since the service fees represent the cost of ticket supplying and generating, the customer pays for such service.

TKT.GE reserves the right to inform the customer who has purchased a specific event ticket in case of cancellation, postponement or any other amends made in the event. This is a voluntary service that can be delivered via short message or emails provided on TKT.GE web page in the field of customer information; or simply display the information on the company web page www.tkt.ge. TKT.GE is a ticket distribution network which does not participate in organizational activities of its events. It also cannot guarantee the sale of the tickets. Upon the request from organizer the event is placed on the web page and only organizer shall be responsible for the organizational issues of the event, such as but not limited to:

- Number of tickets for sale;
- The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by one user;
- Age restriction;
- Purchase of tickets with insurance
- The price of tickets for sale; the price of the subscriptions; Discounts promotions and more.

The PromoCode
The PromoCode is one-use and unique. You can use it to purchase one (or more than one ticket) for only one particular event that you will choose. The PromoCodes issued by TKT.GE usually is valid for 3 months.
Concerning refunds issued for the tickets (of a cancelled event or train tickets) purchased with the promo codes, the promo code itself is non-refundable and shall not be restored.
TKT.GE is not obliged to refund the ticket price to the customer, since, as noted previously, the TKT.GE is only a distribution network, and by accepting the aforementioned terms and conditions the customer is informed about the function and intermediary role TKT.GE has between the organizer and the customer. Concerning refunds issued for the tickets (of a cancelled event) purchased with the promo codes, the promo code itself is non-refundable and shall not be restored.

Ticket Return
TKT.GE is not obliged to take back the sold tickets(s).

Data Protection
TKT.GE takes all reasonable efforts to ensure the user's data protection. TKT.GE will not be liable if the third party has made illegal access to the user's data (including personal data, bank credit card data, etc.).

Limitation of Material Liability
The responsibility of TKT.GE is limited to the amount which, in case of disputable cases, represents the TKT.GE's compensation fee from the payment placed by the user, excluding all taxes, duties and service fees. Any user complaints regarding tickets are being reviewed within two weeks after the event.

Acting Law
Relations are regulated in accordance to the active Georgian legislation. In case of occurrence of any dispute, consideration of disputes is carried out by the Tbilisi City Court.

Any information, text, photo and graphic representation on the TKT.GE website is the property of the Company and its use or duplication is prohibited without TKT.GE 's written permission. This action will cause liability by Georgian legislation.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you agree to receive informational and promotional emails to the email address you provide.

Refund policy for movie tickets:
Only registered users and TKT Club members can make a refund for movie ticket on our website.

Refunds are done according to the Club status as following:
- Basic – 60% of the ticket price
- Silver – 80% of the ticket price
- Gold – 90% of the ticket price

Please, note, that online refund can be done up to 3 hours before the scheduled movie showtime.