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You must be longing for buying your ticket to Warsaw. However, please, do not forget that following the global Pandemics, you will need to submit certain documents at the border check-point. We are here to answer all the questions that might occur to you.

So, whilst in Warsaw, you have to submit the following documents to the border guard:

• A negative Antigen or PCR Covid-19 test result for the last 24 hours (and remember that 24-hour test validity is counted from receiving the test result).

• A vaccination certificate, or Covid Pass as we call it.

We also want you to know that Poland accepts only Pfizer-BioTech; AstraZeneca; Moderna and Janssen (J&) vaccines.

If you are not vaccinated, then, at crossing the border, you have to submit a negative test result and will have to undergo a 14-day-long quarantine after arriving in Warsaw. Also remember that the term of quarantine is counted from the next day after you cross the border.

Before departure, do not forget to complete a special application on

And, you can find the answers to other questions you may have on the web-site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia at